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— HANA Studio — Edit problems?

von Jörg Böke

Hello, I am Joerg Boeke (SAP Netweaver / HANA Solution architect).

After having multiple customers calling me concerning problems in HANA Studio after upgrading to HANA 2.0, I would like to demystify that problem to all of you.

HANA 2.0 is not just an upgrade of existing HANA 1.0, but a full-blown Multi-Tenant Database / Multiple Database Container (MDC). This new feature is causing some confusion among developers using the HANA Studio directly after their back-end upgrades.

Developers working with HANA Studio / ECLIPSE are used to maintaining their existing Calculation Views by just opening the desired system (e.g. Development System A4H) to unfold the Calculation Views of a package (see BIAnalyst technical HANA Content)

HANA 1.0

A DoubleClick (HANA 1.0) onto an existing Calculation View will open the Calculation View. In development systems, you are in edit mode.

All objects are editable e.g. input parameters (as shown below) can be changed.

HANA 2.0

With HANA 2.0 that changes due to DB structure. After your database upgrade to HANA 2.0 the existing DB (A4H) will become the first tenant in MDC automatically, even if you do not use further tenants.

After Upgrade (HANA 2.0) and logon to your existing Calculation view with standard A4H Connection (SYSTEM), it will appear as not editable; all settings are inactive for changes see graphic.

The reason for that is, you need to logon to the right tenant. The old connection will be redundant, providing read-only  functionality.

The logon with HANA 1.0 looked similar like my system (A4H) just a plain system ID.

To resolve the problem and directly edit your HANA objects, you have to add the system again (add new system) as an MDC system.


Create a new system connection in HANA Studio / ECLIPSE

  • Provide Hostname. Instance (e.g. A4H (in my case))
  • select Multiple containers
  • In Tenant database reenter your existing Tenant (e.g. A4H)

After finalizing the settings, you newly created system should look like this:

It is now showing A4H@A4H. That means, now you are connected to tenant A4H in (at) Host A4H.

Navigation through the packages remains unchanged. Selecting objects will however open them in edit mode, and you can make your changes immediately as in HANA 1.0.

Hope this article will provide that problem with your HANA 2.0 Upgrade.

If  you are interested in our technical / monitoring content for HANA 1.0 / 2.0 (e.g., Memory allocation, Where-Used functionality for HANA based objects like Calculation Views etc. or SQL and/or CPU time spent, please contact us via the channels available at BIAnalyst.

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